About LearnShare

Neighbourhood Houses began in the 1970’s with people coming together to share their knowledge and skills with each other at low or no cost in a process we have called LearnShare. LearnShare recognizes that throughout our lives whether working with our hands, our head or our heart, we all acquire valuable knowledge and skills. As part of the ongoing process of lifelong learning we can all learn something new or share what we know – through LearnShare. If you have a special passion or skill or would like to share as a LearnShare Leader we would love to hear from you.

News! Fee Changes To Learnshare And Family Membership Benefits!

From July 1st 2023, activity fees for members will return to $4.00.

For non-members the fees will remain at $6.00 per session however, if there are a number of activities you’d like to do each week, costs can start adding up! To help reduce the financial squeeze we’ve introduced a new system: If you do two LearnShare activities in any one week – the third or subsequent LearnShare activity in that same week is FREE!